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Urban Triage

abril 2, 2015

Triage una estrategia que separa los casos que deben atacarse de inmediato, los que pueden mantenerse hasta que haya tiempo de atenderlos y los casos perdidos, más allá de cualquier arreglo.

Granola Shotgun

Triage is the process of prioritizing care in a resource constrained environment. The French first developed this technique on the battlefield when medics were overwhelmed and couldn’t provide sufficient help to every soldier who needed it. Triage separates the wounded into three groups: those who can be saved with immediate attention, those who are stable enough to be left for care at a later time, and those who are too far gone to be saved at all. This same process is beginning to play out in our failing communities.

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First, let’s look at the suburban development pattern. Municipal governments anticipate rapid growth so they preemptively built infrastructure out on the edge of town to accommodate more of everything. This is very often done as a way of inducing growth before market demand is evident. So long as growth actually occurs the town’s investment seems prudent and…

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